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    This is the second occasion we have used Gleamz for the same job. On arrival, the cleaners set to work straight away and not only were they efficient in their role, they were also extremely pleasant to have on our property. We will have no hesitation in using Gleamz services again and would recommend them to anyone.

    Mr M Myserson


    Exceptional service and Eco Friendly products.  What's not to love!!

    K Tisdale

    Carpet Cleaning


    Clean carpets are recognised as being more attractive, potentially longer lasting and probably healthier than carpets that are not deep before and after carpet cleaningcleaned.  Gleamz are pleased to provide competetively priced Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning in Wirral and Liverpool.


      Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning


    Gleamz use either hot water / steam extraction or biodegradeable dry compound methods for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, which ever is the most appropriate method for the type and condition of your carpets.


    carpet cleaning

    "I've recently had my carpets and rugs cleaned by Gleamz. I'm absolutely delighted with the results"

    Mr Jackman - October 2015


    Call 0151 513 5977  for a quote or too book your carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning from Gleamz.


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      Tel: 0151 513 5977

      Mobile: 07985 645 396

      Email: admin@gleamzcleaning.co.uk


      “Our mission is to provide high quality services to anyone who needs a fresh clean home at a reasonable price. Our focus is on the customers’ needs, tailoring plans and services to best fit those needs. We will deliver quality, care and consideration with every service.”

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    Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Wirral and Liverpool
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    Gleamz provide top quality Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Wirral and Liverpool.

    CARPET CLEANING Gleamz use a 7 stage process with pre / post clean inspections. This includes treating spots and stains and ensures your carpet cleaning is carried out to the highest possible standards.

    UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Our technician will carefully assess the construction, condition and labelling of your furniture to ensure our upholstery cleaning is carried out using the most appropriate method and to the highest possible standards.

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